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    Almost all of us got some formal training at some time. Different instructors often have their own tricks to help us learn, any one got any good ones?

    I will get you started with one given to me. Learn not to flinch with a dud cartridge.

    Someone loads your gun with one dud and the rest live, only you dont know which one. You then shoot your shots. When you get to the dud, you get to watch the sights dip. :)

    Its really easy with a revolver, just use a fired case, you need a made up dud for an auto so it will cycle in and may work with a rifle if you dont peek.
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    Apr 23, 2002
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    My favorite is really a mind thing, it works really well, whether you are target practicing or hunting... You get your sights lined up, exhale, and apply a tiny bit of pressure to the trigger as you come to the end of your breath, you tell yourself that the gun is not going to go off and of course it wont, not just yet, then repeat the process holding the pressure on the trigger each time...You wont know when it is going to go off and "flinch" is a thing of the past.


  3. When drawing a handgun from one's holster, it is well not to put one's finger on the trigger as it is drawn. Doing so may at times result in the loss of certain critical parts of one's anatomy. :D;)
  4. McFry

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    As you're getting ready to take the shot. Imagine it going exactly how you want it to over and over in your mind. And NEVER accept a less than PERFECT sight picture. Pick up the latest issue of Accuracy magazine. They have some great tips for acheaving revolver accuracy.
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    Working with someone who knows their stuff, find a stance that works for you and then practice in it till it becomes so natural that you don't know you're doing it.
    This is my personal weakness.
  6. armedandsafe

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    Then there was girl who dated him because she thought his a$$ was groovey. She was most surprised when she found out that it was, indeed, grooved. :D:D:D

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    Hey TranterUK, My father in law used the empty round when he was teaching me on his S&W 686, it worked wonders. I have since used it on several people with my own 686. Always a good laugh!
  8. mrkirker

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    Jul 13, 2007
    "Follow through!"
  9. TranterUK

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    I have another, the first time I shot a 12g at a clay I missed. Same thing for the next couple of shots. Then someone suggested in order to 'get the range' I should deliberatly miss the next shot, but in front of the bird. Smoked the thing. :)
  10. Another helpful hint: When in country, do not play with the snakes. There are 100 varieties in Vietnam . . . 99 of which are poisonous and the last one simply swallows you whole. :D

    That one may not be shooting related, but it was damn good advice! ;)
  11. delta13soultaker

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    I've used the "dummy round" trick in many's good for identifying flinch, observing trigger pull/follow through, and enforcing immediate action drills.

    The trick I want to share is for the 1911, but I reckon it will work in most handguns. My old master gunner used to say, "Dry fire without feedback is like crapping without toilet paper."

    Tape a piece of 8"x11" paper to the wall. Draw eight evenly spaced 4mm dots on the paper in 2 rows of 4.

    Make sure the 1911 is unloaded!

    Cut a #2 pencil to 5" (leave eraser on) and sharpen it to a point. One inch from both ends, tightly wrap 1" masking tape around the pencil until it fits evenly in a 1911 .45 ACP barrel. You want it to move just enough to slide in and out without effort....we used to point our 1911 at the ground to verify the pencil was inside firmly.

    Make sure the 1911 is unloaded! Again!

    Put the pencil in the barrel. Cock hammer. Keeping the muzzle 1" from the paper, aim at the first dot, squeeze trigger. Repeat in 3 or 5 shot groups on each 4mm dot. (You must re-insert the pencil and cock hammer each shot.)

    This drill will display your trigger squeeze/proper grip/follow through/sight picture habits very clearly. The paper will not lie!

    Using the paper to read your groups in dry fire will allow you to get tighter groups faster in live fire.
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