Transporting firearms when traveling by air

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 1952Sniper, Mar 9, 2003.

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    Reply Transporting firearms when traveling by air
    Has anyone who travelled by air since the Transportation Security Administration started requiring luggage be left unsecured transported a firearm in their checked luggage?

    If so, how what was you experience?

    I am preparing for a trip that includes a weekend layover and wanted to take a rifle to go shooting at a range near my destination (afterall practice leads to shooting proficiency).

    In December I wrote TSA about their contradictory requirements (i.e., leave you luggage unsecured or they will cut it open to search it / all firearms must be transported in a lcoked case to which only you have access) but have heard bupkis from them (and expect never to hear from them).

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    Reply Re: Transporting firearms when traveling by air
    Here's what I did. I stood there by the screening "thingy" until they had checked my case. I then made sure they turned the tumblers on the lock before it got on the conveyor belt. If'n they forget to lock it, you will be in a bad way so stand there until they do, get their attention if they don't. Otherwise, your gun may meet damage Inc. on the way into the belly of the plane.

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    Cointoss2 and I both used air travel in November for hunting trips. Here's what we had to do:

    Use "Airline Approved" rigid gun cases with lockable closures.

    Firearms were placed with actions opened (bolts removed on bolt actions) so they could be visibly inspected to assure non-loaded status. We placed bolts beside the rifles.


    At the check-in counter, we had to open the case for inspection by counter personnel, fill out the required red firearms form attesting the firearms were unloaded, placed the form in the case with the firearms and locked/secured the case in their presence.

    All firearms must be shipped as CHECKED baggage, not hand carried onto plane. AMMUNITION, KNIVES AND OTHER ITEMS MUST BE SHIPPED IN CHECKED BAGGAGE.

    I seemed to have been singled out (much to CT2's amusement) for extra close body searches at the various airports we went thru. Must have a natural sneaky look!

    We were never hassled at the receiving luggage claims areas - in fact, we had to be quick to grab the cases off the conveyors, as they were handled just like ordinary baggage. No one EVER came to check our claims stubs or require us to pick up the firearms in a special area.

    Be aware, different airlines have different size restrictions on checked luggage, as well as hand carried. Best to call the airline you're flying on to see what the requirements are. There are a lot of rigid cases that won't meet these size restrictions (on Northwest Airlines, anyway) and you'll be paying BIG BUCKS ($60.00) for an oversize bag or case.
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