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    I have a Mossberg 500 that I bought a couple months ago. It has an 18" security barrel, but I recently thought it might be fun to get into trap shooting. Is it worth buying a new barrel (there are several listed on the Mossberg website), or should I be looking for a different gun altogether?


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    Re: Trap shooting
    You can shoot trap with anything with a 28-30" barrel.

    Many people like single or O/U configuration for various reasons.

    IMO, you should shoot what you like and can hit the birds with. A vent rib is highly recommended for heat dissipation, as you shoot a lot in a relatively short time.

    I have had 3 really great trap guns...Remington 3200, Browning Superposed, and a Ruger Red Label, which I currently use.
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    I asked a similar question under "Shotgun Chokes" in this forum a couple days ago and got some good advice. You may want to check there. Good Luck.


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    Thanks guys,

    Dennis - I did read your post, but what I'm actually after is whether or not my Mossberg 500 is a decent gun for trap shooting (I'm assuming it will be fine, but if anyone has any negative experience with one, I'd love to hear about it...).

    I looked on the Mossberg website, and they have a 28" barrel, but it is ported. Is a ported barrel desireable for trap shooting?

    Also, does anyone know of other sources for a barrel for my mossy?

    I'm gettting slightly bored with shooting at paper targets all the time, and I thought if I could try out trap shooting with out very much of an investment, I could always upgrade later.


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    Re: RE: Trap Shooting
    Many people consider the ported shotgun barrel to be a gimmic, many people like them. It is personal preference. I don't care for them because of the added noise.

    Mossberg barrels are available all over. You should be able to find them at gunshows,Cabelas, or internet auction to name just a couple.

    The Mossberg 500 will work for trap shooting. They are a popular gun. Many people still shoot trap with a pump action. 2 barrels and semi auto's are more of the standard.

    Try sporting clays. Much more challenging than trap and more fun also. Pump shotguns are used less in sporting clays than trap because of the need for quick second shots at some stations. Many people use them though with no complications.

    Not knocking the Mossy but, it is a bottom of the line shotgun. If you get into any of the above shotgun sports heavy and are shooting every week you might find yourself wanting a nicer shotgun.

    Hoped I helped


    The most amazing clay pigeon shot I have ever seen was with a Mossberg 500 20 guage. On the local sporting clay range there is a station where they throw from the top of a old corn crib. The clays fly straight out in front. It is one of the easier stations. So... my friend and his Mossy 20 load up 5 shells, he tells the thrower to load up the thrower with all small birds. The thrower loaded it with 6 small orange ones called midis. they are about 2 inches around. My freind yelled pull and all 6 cam out at once. My friend shot 5 times with his PUMP (amazing) and hit all 6 before they hit the ground.

    My dad also shoots a pump on the sporting clay range. If you are used to the gun and shoot it well a pump will do everything the others will.
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