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My brother and I are both retired vets. He is a service disabled Viet Nam vet and I'm disabled from too much stupid stuff from my younger days. I took full advantage of the military "Don't worry, we'll fix you" mentality. Paying for it in my old age... but I did have a lot of fun.

We have to travel to visit my brother and our children. Here in SC I usually carry a Glock 19 with a 17 round magazine; but one of my daughter's lives in a 10-round only magazine state (the Peoples Republic of Maryland). My solution? A Ruger SR1911 with extra 8-round mags. The problem was how to carry the mags.

Here is how I now carry the extra mags in my F-150. They live in the truck all of the time, even when I'm carrying a Glock, but is there whenever I grab the 1911 to carry.

The first photo is of a Fobus double mag pouch for single stack .45s. Their item number is 4500. I drilled out the connecting rivets from the back paddle and started trimming. Once the excess was removed I added a couple of spacers and reinstalled the paddle portion with small bolts and nylock nuts.

It now slips over the door pocket on the truck and is very handy if ever needed. A coat of paint made it slightly less obvious, but for $25. and a little time it solved the extra magazine carry problem. Just my 1911 solution, but it would work with any of the Fobus mag pouches.

I sent the photos to Fobus and they like the idea. May be a new product out in the future that is flat instead of curved so it hugs the door panel better.


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