Tripple A+ for AntiqueDr.

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    I'm the proud owner of a custom built Ruger 10/22 made for and by AntiqueDr. Now this is a prize to hold on too! Knowing this man the way I do, he built this gun with the surgical skill of a heart/brain Specialist for his own collection. Now it's mine all mine.
    This is what I have: "quote from AntiqueDr."

    Your Ruger by the way has a Butler Creek 18" carbon fiber barrel (.920"
    diameter), Butler Creek synthetic stock, Power Custom internals (hand
    prepped and polished), Stainless trigger with overtravel stop, Volquartsen
    extractor, synthetic bolt buffer. Trigger pull set at 2 lbs with reworked
    factory springs. Will shoot inside a dime at 50 yds.
    Thanks Doc!

    Since the original post a Harris Bi-Pod and a BSA 3X12X50 scope has been added!

    rules for survival: Sight alignment, Breath control, & Trigger Squeeze

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    Have a wonderful time with it BlackGun.

    And AntiqueDr is extremely good indeed. He sent me my stuff before I had a chance to mail the shotgun and I know I told him to wait till he got a chance to look the gun over.

    Both of you are #1 in my book.