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    Triton Ammunition Corporation retains World Renowned Ballistics Expert Tom Burczynski as Senior Vice President of Research and Development

    Milton, NY – Triton Ammunition Corporation is the manufacturer of the world class Triton Quik-Shok and Triton Hi-Vel ammunition. Triton has appointed Mr. Tom Burczynski as Senior Vice President of Research and Development of Triton Ammunition Corporation.

    Mr. Burczynski is widely regarded as a genius in the field of ballistic design. Authors Evan P. Marshall and Edwin J. Sanow, in a book called Street Stoppers, referred to Tom Burczynski as the “best bullet designer of all time”. Mr. Burczynski's Quik-Shok design first gained prominence in 1992 when it came in second in its caliber out of 24 hollowpoint and frangible loads tested by Strasbourg researchers. The .357 Magnum 125 grain Quik-Shok produced the most rapid incapacitation of any load in any caliber and worked a full three seconds faster than the .357 125 grain JHPs from two major manufacturers. Quik-Shok is the fourth patented bullet design produced by Mr. Burczynski. Previously, he designed the Neutralizer Tunnel Point, the Federal Hydra-Shok, and the Eldorado Starfire. Since Quik-Shok, he developed the EFMJ bullet for Federal Cartridge. Quik-Shok is unlike his previous designs. Quik-Shok bridges the gap between conventional hollowpoints and fragmenting bullets. It far outperformed even the best of the high energy JHPs.

    David Kotowski, President of Triton had this to say about Tom, “His reputation and experience in the ballistics world makes him a logical addition to the Triton Family. He will once again be working with the Quik-Shok bullet which he patented and will be given the resources to develop other exceptional products. We welcome him with great enthusiasm.”

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    Thanks for the info and welcome aboard TFF TritonAmmunition!
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    Hey "Triton" haven't we met before?
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