true story....home defended with .22 rifle

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 1952Sniper, Mar 10, 2003.

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    Aug 22, 2002
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    (3/7/03 7:45:10 pm)
    Reply true story....home defended with .22 rifle
    This past Wed night, our ambulance was dispatched to the scene of a knifing. We got there before law enforcement, but were told by radio that the assailants had been caught 2 miles away, in a "shot-up" vehicle. When we entered the home, we saw the 43 year old father seated in a chair with a towel wrapped around his waist, to cover the knife wound, reloading his .22 tube fed rifle. (16 rounds, hollow points). His story matched the police report we got later.
    Father in bed, wife fell asleep on the couch watching tv, kids asleep in bed. Three men ages 24, 18, and 18 broke into the home, waking the wife. The men beat the wife and the father woke up and entered the fight, getting beaten and stabbed in the side in the process. Leaving the father down, the men started ransacking the home. The father got to his closet and retreived his rifle and shot two of the men three times, one of them twice, and the get away driver twice. The remaining rounds went into the car, flattening the left front tire. The three men who entered the home are still in the hospital, and the driver (wife of the 24 year old) is in jail.

    A law enforcement spokesman said the homeowner was acting within his right to protect himself and his family, and will not be charged.

    Maybe a .22 is not the "best" weapon for home defense, but I know of four folks who will tell you it can do the job.

    I'm glad to see the good guys win one.

    I'm a board member of our ambulance service, and the stabbing victim will not be billed for his ride to the hospital.

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    Re: true story....home defended with .22 rifle
    Glad to hear he was able to hold up to the beating and knifing, and still make 10hits out of 16.
    Now if he'd just used a heavier caliber, we might be rid of those 4 scum.


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    Reply Re: true story....home defended with .22 rifle
    That sounded like one of those make the best out of a bad situation things.

    At least two of them got some lead put in them.

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    Reply yeah
    Well nice to see it did the job..and as long as they all
    pulled it thru ( not the aggressors ) then well
    another " happy " story

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    Reply Re: yeah
    Three cheers for the home owner and also for the city attorney for realizing a man can defend his home and family. I pray he survives his wound and his family is safe.
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