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Try to get a value on a Colt Courier .32

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It's a early model Colt courier.32 it was my dads it has never been shot. I know their rare to find in a 32 caliber most of them are 22's. it has been kept in a leather holster since I've been around. Please let me know what you think it's worth, maybe ill sell it if the offer is good I have thought about selling as I am not a collector.... Thanks jason

I also have pics if you'd like to see it
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Jasonmar, the Colt Courier was scarce model compared to the more popular small frame Colts, like the Police Positive or the Detective Special. That means Colt collectors want it. Shooters don't, as much, because 32 Long is not a very popular caliber nowadays.

They were made 50-60 years ago, and a lot can happen to a gun in that time. Without seeing some decent pictures, it is no more possible to give you and estimate of value that it would be to estimate value on a used car, sight unseen. Less, even - at least cars have odometers.

So if you can do that, there are probably people here who could help you know what to ask for it. BTW, original finish means a lot to a collector, and leather can be bad for the finish, so as JimK says, keeping it in a holster can be bad for it's value. HTH!
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