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walked into walmart tonight and low and behold I found a 50rnd box of an ammo i hadn't seen before.. white box tulamo 50 rnds.. 223, brass cased.. boxer primed..made in italy.. 16$ that's a lil more than the 6$ per 20 black box tula steel cased.. but I can re-use the brass since it is boxer... not bad deal. wish they would have had 2 more as we can only buy 3.

they also had a couple boxes of tula steel 45acp, 762x39 and 223...

noticed, and havn't paid attention before.. but the tula 45acp says it is boxer primed... hmm.. steel cased and boxer primed.

I was reading a magazine article this weekend.. one of the gun mags combat gunner or something.. and they were talking about reloading and the author said he had expiremented with steel case reloading, and found it worked fine, with a bit more fussing and effort.

untill now, most of the steel cased stuff i shot was berdan milsurp.. and I've never bothered to look at the wolf ammo as i figured it was berdan too.

while I might shy away from relaoding a bottlenecked rifle cartridge with a steel case.. and wory about shoulder setback, case growth.. etc.. a pistol cartridge sounds growth really.. so no trimming.. and they are boxer.. so they deprime without that lil tool to tear out the berdan primer.

the cases are the polimer.. not laquer on t he 45acp steel.

might be worth sacrificing a lee 45acp die set to try it.

any opinions ( on anything above? )
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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