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Ordered a Sog gunsmith special Turkish mauser for $27.99 last week, came in Yesterday. Minor crack in handguard, otherwise in pretty good condition. Problem, bolt closes and work fine with no round in the chamber. When you put a round in the bolt won't even begin to close, I cleaned everything, and there was nothing obstructing the bolt from closing. So I guess I don't have excessive headspace, I have the opposite, too little headspace????( I don't know) Is there a way of measuring the bolt, so i can find a replacement bolt that will correct the headpace. What kind of headspace guage should i buy, Go, No Go, or Field, all three maybe???

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Re: Headspace Question
The 'Go' gauge represents minimum headspace, 'No Go' represents maximum headspace, 'Field' is excessive headspace.

First, take the extractor off the bolt and try the 'go' gauge. The bolt should close. The bolt should just close (at the most) on the no-go but it is preferable to only be able to close the handle about halfway. The bolt should not close on a field gauge.

This will also identify if your problem is with the headspace or the extractor.

Oregon Gauge Co out of Ranier OR makes a headspace gauge that will allow you to take an exact micrometer reading of the actual headspace. Minimum headspace for the 8x57 Mauser is 1.896", maximum is 1.902". 'Field' gauges are nominally 1.906".

The good news is that if you in fact do have insufficient headspace it is a simple fix using a hand-turned finishing reamer.
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