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    Hey all! I just got back from Hunter's weekend up to camp and what a time! Good food, good beer and good stories...who could ask for more? Before we headed up to camp a couple of my buddies and I went out and did a little shotgun shopping. I picked up a Benelli Nova, 12 gauge, 3 1/2 inch, 26" barrel, black synthetic stock. If I told you what I paid for it you'd die. I am looking for a super full choke for it and I'm not sure what to buy. Benelli makes a super full choke for the 12 gauge but I figured I would ask here to see if someone else had suggestions. I am interested in what choke, with what shells shot through it, and the type of pattern resulting.....

    Thanks for any help to be offered!

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    Re: Turkey gun
    I have the exact same gun. I have not patterned it with turkey chokes though.