Two jailed for attack on gunmaker Glock

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 1952Sniper, Mar 17, 2003.

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    Reply Two jailed for attack on gunmaker Glock

    13 March 2003

    LUXEMBOURG: An investment broker and a former wrestler who tried to murder Austrian gunmaker Gaston Glock with a rubber hammer have been jailed for a total of 37 years.

    Charles Ewert, who handled Glock's investments in Luxembourg, was sentenced to 20 years today after he was convicted of attempted murder by a Luxembourg court.

    Former French Legionnaire Jacques Pecheur, who once wrestled under the name "Sparta", was jailed for 17 years for his role in carrying out the assault.

    Glock, in his 70s, suffered seven hammer blows to the head during the attack, but when police arrived on the scene they found it was Pecheur who was passed out on top of the gunmaker.

    Glock's company has sold three million pistols, such as the nine millimetre Glock 17, well known around the world because it is made of plastic polymers instead of steel.

    Ewert, known in the Luxembourg press as "Panama Charlie", is still under investigation for suspected fraud involving millions of euros in relation to Glock's investments.

    The attack happened in July 1999 after Glock became suspicious of Ewert's handling of his investments and flew to the principality to confront him.

    Ewert drove the gunmaker to a carpark where Pecheur, a stocking pulled over his head, was waiting with a rubber tile hammer.

    Ewert fled while the other two struggled. Despite multiple blows to the head and being choked, Glock escaped serious injury.

    Luxembourg prosecutor Jean Paul Frising told Reuters Ewert is still being investigated for suspected forging of documents, swindling and abuse of confidence in connection with Glock's financial interests in Luxembourg.

    Arsene Kronshagen, a lawyer for Glock, said millions of euros are involved.

    Ewert, about 50, who is from Luxembourg, and Frenchman Pecheur, 70, had both denied attempted murder and may appeal the verdict by the three-judge District Court of Luxembourg

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    Re: Two jailed for attack on gunmaker Glock
    Sounds to me like we should drop any restrictions on Glocks and start banning rubber hammers.
    Macht kaputt, was euch kaputt macht!

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    Reply Re: Two jailed for attack on gunmaker Glock
    To bad ol' Gaston wasn't carrying his Glock.

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    Reply Rubber Hammer??
    It was obviously a premeditated attack..... Rubber hammer?
    Do you think they didn't want it to hurt too much when they killed him?
    Reminds me of the dude who used slippers to kick a man to death for the same reason......

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    Re: Rubber Hammer??
    gawdamned PLASTIC weapons!! :: shakes fist ::

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    Reply Re: Rubber Hammer??
    I think I aready saw this on CSI..........
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