Two new M39s from Wholesale Guns & Ammo......

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    Yesterday I received the second of my two newest M39 Finnish Rifles; I must say that these rifles are definitely a best buy in Very Good Condition @ $89.99ea. The first one I received was a SAKO remanufactured in 1943, it has a hexagonal receiver. This rifle really cleaned up nicely, the wood is very good with no major dings but it has enough to lend some character. The bore on it excellent, it cleaned up after removing layers of copper and fouling into a very decent bore. The second rifle is a VKT remanufactured in 1944 and it is really in sweet shape, it came with a sling which is a definite bonus, and the general over all condition is excellent. I am very impressed with the treatment by the young woman taking the orders, she is pleasant and quite knowledgable. Their packaging is excellent, they use a good sturdy box and they wrap and secure the bolt so it can't flop around in the rifle or the box. Both of my purchases from these folks have been great, I highly recommend them. Check out their site at:
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