(TX) Two armed robbers shot dead by store clerk 06-01-03

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    Address:http://www.chron.com/cs/CDA/ssistory.mpl/front/1933478 June 1,
    2003, 10:23PM
    2 suspects shot dead in robbery
    Store's owner `feared for his life´; drew gun after threatened By MIKE
    Copyright 2003 Houston Chronicle

    A southwest Houston grocery store owner shot and killed two men Saturday
    night while they were allegedly robbing his business, police said.

    Khaled Farah Yousef, 31, opened fire on the two men about 8:15 p.m.
    during the holdup at the Frutilandia #2 store at 7235 Hillcroft. Police
    said one of the men was killed inside the business while another made it
    outside, where he died. A third man, who apparently was unarmed, fled
    and was later taken into custody near the grocery.

    Yousef was working behind the counter when the three men entered the
    store. He became suspicious, detectives said, when they split up and
    began looking through the business -- as if to see if other customers or
    employees were there. The owner also noticed that one of the suspects
    was wearing a heavy winter coat, although the temperature was in the 90s
    at the time, police said.

    Minutes later, all three men approached the counter where the cash
    register was. One of them pulled out a pack of gum and asked Yousef the

    Yousef said the gum was 25 cents but later told detectives he didn't
    open the cash register because he thought the men wanted to see how much
    money was in the till.

    The man who brought the gum to the counter pulled out a pistol, police
    said, and demanded the money from the register. A second man then drew a
    knife and began making "stabbing motions" at Yousef.

    Yousef pulled out the money and handed it over to the man with the
    pistol. One of the other men attempted to take the cash register, but

    The men continued making threats, even after Yousef gave them the cash.

    "When he gave the money, the suspects had the opportunity to leave and
    didn't leave," said Houston police homicide Detective Phil Yochum. "The
    store owner feared for his life."

    That was when Yousef pulled a .45-caliber pistol from the waistband of
    his trousers and began firing. The man with the gun was shot in the
    chest and died inside the store while the knife-wielding man collapsed
    in the parking lot.

    Yousef was not injured, and although the investigation was continuing
    Sunday, police said the shooting appeared to be justified. They said at
    least one person inside the store witnessed the robbery and confirmed
    Yousef's account.

    Police on Sunday said the dead men weren't carrying any identification.
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    Sep 11, 2002
    Colorado Rocky Mountains
    Good for Yousef, we do not have to "support" these low lifes now.

  3. Evilahole

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    Mar 30, 2003
    Hope that scumbag got a few good chews in on that pack of gum.
    I bet that's the most expensive pack of gum on record! :D
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