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    I picked up a Chinese Mosin-Nagant Type 53 the other night at a local dealer. There was a rack full of them and they looked pretty bad. I was there with two cousins, a friend & my nephew, so I picked one up as a joke and looked done the bore and I be, it was like looking in a mirror. Everyone I picked up had a nice looking bore. The stocks & metal finish looked like they had been stored in a mud bog. I grabbed one for Fifty bucks and really took a ribbing from my two cousins and friend. The only one who didn't laugh was my nephew. He is refinishing the stock for me. I can't believe the difference. It now looks very nice. A prince in a frog's suit. Iwill let you know if it shoots as good as it looks.
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    I had a bunch of these when they were imported back in the 1980s. The exteriors ranged from pretty beat to excellent, but the one consistent thing was that the bores on all of them were excellent. From what I understand, after the SKS rifle was introduced in 1956, most of the 1953 carbines were relegated to rear gaurd and secondary forces - carried a lot, but fired very little.