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type 99 arisaka score

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was in gander this am looking for some scope rings and happened to see a 77 arisaka on the used rack.

wood was un-sanded, but someone had applied a light coat of PU or minwax on it.. furniture had obviously been taken off to do so as no clear coat ont he metal. metal retains about 90% of it's original finish.. bore is nice, action is crisp.. AA sights missing and mum is about 85% ground off.. nice knurled knob... they only wanted 99$ for it.. I had to grab it.. even with no aa sights, ground mum and some clear on the wood.. the actiaon was at least worth 99$

almost NEVER see a deal at gander.. really surprised me..
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Test fire all used firearms? I have a few I really challenge them to find ammo for.

I have .41 rimfire. .32 cup primer, anyone?

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