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Type 99 value

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Looking at type 99 Nagoya all matching with mono pod and aircraft sights Mum is nice, Crome facedbolt and crome lined barrel looks nice. Missing bolt that goes through barrel band were pod is and cleaning rod is missing. Had push button release in forearm for cleaning rod metal finish is good no heavy pitting stock is good. Just looking for a ball park value on line auctions seem crazy.
Thanks for any help.


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I’m thinking you’re going to need to provide a bit more info ie photos. No one can give you the value of a gun only seeing a couple square inches in a couple pics. Look forward to seeing them.
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Is it matching?
Yes everything in bolt matchs front bandbayo lug is also
I used to collect Type 99,38 rifle and carbine. When i went to sell them it was like pulling teeth to get a good price for them. By me ,Wi., not many peeple want them. That said I would value yours 500 to 800 on a very good day.
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