U.S. Army Training Manual 2000-25 on Citizenship

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    This Training Manual No. TM 2000-25 on Citizenship, U.S. History and the Constitution was compiled and issued by the U.S. War Department, November 30, 1928, to teach our young men in the services the fundamental principles upon which our Government was founded.

    The precise and scholarly definitions presented throughout the manual were carefully considered as a proper guide for U.S. soldiers and U.S. citizens by the Chief of Staff of the United States Army. Such definitions take precedence over any definitions that may be found in the present commercial dictionaries which have suffered periodic modification to please the powers in office.

    Shortly after the "bank holiday" in 1933, orders from the FDR White House suddenly demanded without explanation that all copies of this book be withdrawn from the Government Printing Office and the Army posts, to be suppressed and destroyed. So began the demagogic descent of the United States and the subversion of the Constitution into Americanized National Socialism, bankruptcy and the continued state of national emergency that we have experienced as a nation for the past 77 years.

    Today there is a great deal of reference by the media and sadly, even by many of our elected officials to “our democracy” or “this democracy” when referring to our government.

    The Founding Fathers of our Nation wisely established a REPUBLIC, not a Democracy, and there are many important differences. The differences can be debated and argued in many ways, but the best and simplest definitions are printed in this Training Manual, presented here in its entirety.

    Is the United States worth saving?
    Study the Constitution and this Training Manual!
    Educate Yourself!

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    From what I read about FDR, he WAS NOT the saviour of our ountry like many thought he was or should have been. He, IMO, was a socialist in disguise because of his SS program and the work programs at the time. After the projects were finished, America again lapsed into a mini depression, but the WWII came along and rescued industry and put America back on track. Be careful about who to vote for. There are two kinds of politicians: the one who tells the truth and the one that tells the people what they want to hear. Guess which gets elected? Hint: it is not the one that tells the truth.

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