Uberti Rolling Block Vs Stevens Favorite

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    Off the bat, I'm wondering whether the Uberti is 2.5X nicer than the Stevens, which is about the price difference. I'd probably get the Uberti if it's that much nicer....To me it's mostly aesthetics & history...

    The Cimmeron model at $1,000+ is just too pricey...Are there other rifles I should look at? Given price constraints and desire for a reliable firearm, is an antique worth considering?
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    The Model 30 or 30G Savage Stevens Favorite is no antique but is made to look like the same as the Stevens Favorites of the 1890s. Those newly manufactured are mechanically different than the originals with many innvestment cast steel parts in their pivoting block actions which are no stronger than they need to be. In the immediate past sometimes a model 30 had the world's worst trigger pull, but this could be coped with without even decompiling the pinned action simply by cocking the rifle engaging the sears then squeezing off making sure to prevent the hammer from striking the firing pin. Thus, by simple friction, rough sear against rough sear, you could smooth up the trigger faster than simply shooting several thousand rounds.
    Dry-firing is out with the Favorite because it damages the extractor which in part supports the rimfire cartridge's rim, thus, a damaged extractor may not support the rim properly resulting in a misfire. Check that extractor when you buy because moronic clerks or customers may have been dry firing the Favorite. Otherwise buy or order one in preference to the Uberti. Not only does Savage give a good warranty, but the barrels and bores are splendidly accurate and will generally outshoot the Uberti. They are sporter chambered, throated and bored, but I have found both Lapua Master L and Aguila Golden Eagle Match will group splendidly in quiet air to 200 meters. If iron sighted you might replace the model 30's elevation ramp with one from a model 30R17 or 30GM which are better for all round shooting with the 30 or 30G -a couple of dollars at a gun show. For squirrel hunting the Federal Automatch does well from close range to 50-100 yards, although I often simply stick to the Aguila GE Match. The best high power load is the CCI Velocitor which ought to cut 2" or under at 100 yards. With a hand made elevation ramp I often shoot to 300 meters from the bench averaging 6-8 inches at that range. The 200 meter accuracy 2.5-4.00" in quiet air is good enough for silhouette in after regular black powder matches or for the sheer fun of it for the Favorite was patented Oct. 29, 1889, and thus qualifies. This from a rifle that has a 20" barrel (Model 30) or a very light 21" barrel (30G). Some of the 30s come tapped for a telescopic sight mount with a scope base, however, regard putting a 1" diameter scope of any kind on a 4.25 Lb little old timey rifle- overpowering! For about the same price you could have a gunsmith mount a Lyman or Marble tang peepsight on the rifle's tang and put a Lyman 17a globe front sight on the front- a very accurate combination. You can do that for a fraction of the cost difference between the Favorite and the Uberti or even between the solid frame model 30 and the overpriced takedown model. If you buy new off the shelf, remember to check the extractor for dry-firing damage, easy to spot. Use it as a bargaining point; if the rifle is new, Savage can replace the extractor. Or have your dealer order one from the factory to take from the box into your own fortunate hands. I have been shooting 60years and love my Favorites, especially little Artemesia my 30G and preferred squirrel rifle.
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