Uberti SSA vs USFA SSA

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    Several years ago (1992) I bought a then new EMF imported Uberti Single Action Army clone (Artilliary model) with Colt style proof marks and markings. It was reported to be as close in appearance to an original Colt as possible. It is gorgeous with beautiful case hardening and deep blue parts. It looks to be an original but of course it is just a cleverly done clone. But I am no longer satisfied. The cylinder has too much head shake, for me. It shoots several inches off point of aim at 50 feet. At this point in my life good looks alone is not enough for me. I have decided to sell it. I also dumped my beautiful 25 year old wife that was 45 years younger than me (OPPS... That was a dream!)

    I have been eyeing the USFA Single Action Army in 45 Long Colt. it appears nicely finished (looks ain't everything!!). My questions to those who have one of these jewels is:

    "How good are the USFA SSA's for accuracy, shooting to the point of aim, and durability? And how does it compare to an original Colt? (Could it actually be better than the last generation Colts?)"

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    First, are you sure they are Uberti? I've got a pair of EMF Hartfords, from the same time period. Pretty guns, but they are Armi San Marcos, and are not as good a gun as Ubertis.


    Aside from them, I've got two Ubertis, one Colt and four US Firearms - these


    and a pair of Rodeos. All four USFA shoot to point of aim. Can't say that about any of the others. The Rodeos are my favorite "just go shoot" single actions, along with my most-used CAS guns. That pair with the ivory is just as good, but they're just too dang purty to risk bangin' up. :)

    The US Firearms guns, in my extremely un-humble opinion, is a better gun than the Colt.

  3. ivarr

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    i really like the uberti's
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