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Standard issue is the 9mm Beretta M9, and if I'm not mistaken, SOCOM people (like Delta Force, Navy SEAL teams, Force Recon, MEU(SOC), Army Rangers, US Army Special Forces, etc), can choose their own loadouts - which is almost always dependent on the mission.

I thought the UK guys were already using the Sig 226? I thought SAS started carrying that sidearm initially, as a backup to the MP5, and the rest of them started carrying it?
sadly, this is not the case for these guys. It's M9 all the way. I hate the beretta, mine breaks every other range session, no joke. Safety fell off once, almost every spring busted, breech block cracked on me twice, had a slide get damaged on a jump rendering the thing deadlined, just always sucks. Plus, with the technique I use for immediate action usually sweeps the gun onto safe, no bueno.

Granted, they're abused, but a 1911 could easily stand up to similar torture and is 1000 times better overall. As is the case with Glock also, I think we should be rocking the glock 17; nato round and lots o bullets! But there's no external safety, so it's "dangerous in the hands of the untrained" according to the Army. Right... as if any pistol wasn't dangerous in untrained hands!

Have a buddy that was in force recon a while ago and they had 1911's, looks like the marines are going back to the good old mainstay with the new Colt contract.
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