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I am starting a project to build a Bucks County style flintlock long rifle using a kit from Track of the Wolf. This project will take me quite a while, and I'll give you periodic video updates as the work progresses. In this video I'll show you exactly what come in the Track of the Wolf kit.


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Cheers for that

must say i'm disappointed at the matching of the kit

look like the stock is generic cut and then its you who has to adapt it to the parts

i think a stock blank would be easier as you can plan it from the start

i think you did the right call on the triggers , i'm a single fan myself for hunting

just subscribed so i can follow this

cheers again eh

there was a dunlap or dunlop woodcrafts some years ago , i bought a number of his kits and they where all superb, but i dont think they do kits any more , just stocks , hmm i should chase it up ..
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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