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I have not loaded a lot of 9mm before now.

I'm trying a load of 5.3G of Alliant Unique with a Berry's plated bullet 124G FP.
I believe the load data for Unique in my reference manual goes from 5.2G -5.8G. My book does not say if this is for a cast, plated or jacketed bullets, however.

Anyway, I have weighed about 30 throws and the powder measure is throwing consistent charges.

The concern is that the case seems very full and I believe the bullet seating is compressing the powder a tad.

Is this normal, or is something out-of-whack?

Unique is a very bulky powder and a full case is not uncommon. Compressing powder in itself will not increase pressures and is not dangerous as long as there is load data to support the charge.

Your data looks like it came from the Speer manual or Alliant's web site. The Speer data is for the GD bullet and is a bit higher than data from other manuals.

Hornady #7, 124gr bullets, Unique = 4.0gr to 5.0gr.

Sierra #5, 125gr and 130gr bullets, Unique = 4.1gr to 5.6gr.

Lyman 48, 125gr bullet , Unique = 4.5gr to 5.0gr.

Lyman 4th Edition,124gr CN Lead bullet, Unique = 4.4gr to 4.9gr.

Lyman 4th Edition, 125gr HP Lead bullet, Unique = 4.5gr to 5.0gr.

You didn't list your OAL/COAL, it makes a difference.

I would drop your 5.3gr down to 4.5gr or so and work up from there. It may still fill the case, which is OK and normal, but IMO it will be a safer place to Start.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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