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Unissued Hungarian M44

Discussion in 'The Ask the Pros & What's It Worth? Forum' started by CountryGunsmith, Feb 26, 2003.

  1. CountryGunsmith

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    Jan 29, 2003
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    (4/3/02 7:47:35 pm)
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    went to a local sporting goods store and asked to see the recent deliveries of M-44 rifles, when the box to this one was opened, i had a feeling. paid 59 dollars with tax came to less than 65 dollars for an unissued, no import stamp on barrel,all matching numbers, brand new Hungarian M-44. was it worth the cost? it still hasnt been used. im gettin itchy trigger finger. what would i expect to pay for this same rifle if i were to find it in a real gunshop in its condition?
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    Bob In St Louis
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    (4/3/02 8:14:51 pm)
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    I think you lucked out. In the condition you describe, I have seen them going $90 to $120 in this area. No import mark? Are you sure? Look closely on the underside of the barrel right back of the front site area. Sometimes they are stamped so lightly that it is barely visible.
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    (4/3/02 9:32:41 pm)
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    Bob in St. Louis, there are no marks of anykind forward of the handguard, between the front sight back to the handguard there is nothing but a good blue job. no scratches, no marks, no bruises. the serial numbers have a yellowish color to them, almost as if the numbers had white paint in them and turned yellow with time. the buttplate is all blue, no scratches , no worn areas. there is a small piece of what looks like masking tape on the stock, i guess from when it was wrapped years ago. Century is who sold the rifles to Big 5 sporting goods store where i got this from. i can only guess that someone at century made a booboo.
    on top of the receiver is the 02 , which i understand is the country code for Hungary. 1953 is the year and BK19xx is serial number.
    guess its more than a boat anchor, spose i better not shoot it either. i paid good money for somethin im afraid to shoot!
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    (4/6/02 8:48:31 pm)
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    Century USUALLY puts them under the barrel on the front, but I have found them in other places too...and like Bob, I have found them stamped so lightly as to barely be seen, while other times double stamped with a 4# sledge...

    You get lucky sometimes...I got a Romanian in similar condition at a Dunham's for $59.99 too...in fact it's the best one I have...

    But I wouldn't be too worried shooting it...in fact, I wouldn't be surprised if it was a rearsenal, I've only seen a specific rearsenal mark on Russians, but you just KNOW the other countries did too. But with proper care, there is no reason to believe it would not retain it's value...and a couple of rounds through it nobody would ever notice, I'd think...

    One thing I see a lot of on GOOD ones is where the blue is still off right on the muzzle crown, indicating it HAS been fired since it was blued...if that is the case, I wouldn't hesitate to shoot it for sure.

    Heck, that's what these are, GREAT and fun shooters! Most "typical" Mosin Nagants, ESPECIALLY M44s, (with exceptions of course...)will never be as collectible as say Mausers, Garands or even 03A3s, simply because there are probably still about 10 million still out there to be discovered...and about that many already HERE...

    It IS rare to find a Hunky in that good condition though, most saw alot of service, and "technically" are the only post-war non-Russian ones to see combat action...in the Hungarian Revolution of '56...even though others may have made it "unofficially" to Korea and Vietnam, and throughout the Balkans up to the present date....

    So, long story short, I would NOT hesitate to shoot it a little, heck, you HAVE to try it out, don't you? But then it would go on my wall, and I would find a $50 "beater" Hunky to shoot the heck out of, and "display" the other.....

    BTW, one of my favorite shooters is my Hunky from my main M44 collection, but it isn't in anywhere near as good shape as yours...I need to find one in better shape for the display rack, and use it as just my "shooter..."

    BTW, a full length (17 1/2")SKS rod will be correct as a cleaning rod, and you can find them more cheaply at shows than a "M44" rod.

    It was almost an exact copy of the M44 rod....designed that way...

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