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    All I hear is about the Nazis and holocaust.It was horrible and wrong.I had a discussion with my son and he never heard of the japanese atrocities.Most dont know about it except the Chinese.During WWII,the japanese had a unit called 731 in China that was funded by the military and did way worse than Mengele.It was staffed with thousands of professional people such as dr,dentist and other professions.This was covered up after the war and no one was tried in exchange for the data they had on all the horrible experiments.This should never had happened but it did.

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    Unit 731 was horrific.
    It explored the use of biological and chemical weapons, experimenting upon allied prisoners (including American and British) and Chinese soldiers and civilians.
    It dropped bubonic-infected fleas on Chinese villages.
    Unit 731 researchers made bombs with shrapnel coated in the gangrene bacterium, then tied prisoners to stakes at various distances from the explosion. Once set off, the shrapnel carried the bacteria into the wound. Prisoners were allowed to suffer for days, tied to the stakes.
    Japanese doctors operated on live patients without anesthesia, and removed organs. One doctor wrote of his fascination with holding a beating, human heart in his hand while the patient looked on in agonized horror.

    And yes, none of them were prosecuted. Gen. Ishi, who was in charge of Unit 731, held the unit's medical records and findings hostage, as a bargaining chip for his freedom. He turned the records over to the U.S. and lived a free man for many years.
    Gen. MacArthur refused to intercede -- yet another reason I despise that pompous, overrated, arrogant, jack***.
    The records advanced medicine, particularly how diseases work, but at what cost?
    Ever seen a chart on body core temperature as it relates to shivering, intense shivering and unconsciousness? This information came out of the Nazi medical experiments in camps, because the Germans wanted to know how long their pilots would live if they ditched in the North Sea.
    Live humans were forced to suffer and die for this knowledge.
    But at what price?

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