Unknown information H&R 622 revolver

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  1. colsnipe

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    Jun 11, 2011
    Hi, i am new to this forum. i am also a new owner of a H&R 622 revolver. This was bought at an auction. The serial number is T14XXX.
    What can you tell me about the fire arm?

    Also, since i don't know the value of the gun, i would list the gun as good, but what would the value would be? I paid $130. I know it depends on condition, and i am not a good judge of firearm condition. Just want to make sure it was

    Thanks for any assistance you might be able to provide.
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  2. woolleyworm

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    Feb 23, 2009
    SW Fort Worth
    Re: Unknown information.

    we'll be able to get you some more detailed info before too long; but in general, you probably did ok at $130. It may be in the upper to mid range of it's value, but you by no means got taken; they're reliable little guns. I've got a 929 and I shoot it most every trip to the range. They're fun little guns to plink with.

    Do you have any pics that you could post, this would help with evaluation of condition.

  3. Jim Hauff

    Jim Hauff New Member

    Apr 20, 2008
    Lehigh Valley, PA
    Welcome to the forum.
    Your 622 with a 'T' prefix to the serial no. was made in 1957, first year of production for the 1st Model (1957-73). It was offered in two configurations: small, rounded butt with 2.5" barrel -or- square butt with 4", 6" or 10" (extremely rare). Standard finish is blued, grips panels will be White or Black. It is a solid frame, 6 shot, can be fed .22 s, l or long rifle (including high and hyper velocity rounds) and will have the "All-in-One" ejection system - pull the cylinder and use the cylinder pin to push the extractor out dumping the casings.
    Currently, RETAIL values are a bit depressed for this class of "simple" revolver, topping out around what you paid for yours. A NIB example may sell as high as $155-160.


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