UNKNOWN intruder watching me-

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    OP I think you’re being hunted by the chupacabra. Don’t worry though it’s an excellent time to take advantage of your Punji pit building skills!!!

    In all seriousness stay safe, if you own any amount of land you know it should always be a concern even if just a wandering hunters trespassing. If you are concerned with humans though and aren’t necessarily aiming to maim, try running sewing thread trip wires about 5’ off the ground so animals won’t disturb it. Then just check back periodically to see any signs of disturbance and you’ll also have a better way to narrow down where your game cams should be.
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    Apr 23, 2017
    I live out in rural FL and same type problem happened to me. Saw a guy in my barn helping himself to my tools. i fired a few shots over his head and immediately called the sheriff. Deputy came out (about 3AM) surveyed the situation and his only concern was "next time fire at his feet we don't want bullets flying around--glad you did not shoot him).
    After that I posted a few no trespassing/shot out targets signs and got a yard dog. Dog covers my 8 acres well. I highly recommend a yard dog the expense is well worth the peace of mind. You can go to the pound and find one. If you have neighbors and have to keep dog in the yard, just get one of the in-ground Petsafe electric fences for $200 (larger yards) or one of the wireless units for smaller yards. Still cheap for peace of mind.
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