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Mommanocker - Momma is in the hospital.‏

Some of you know Dorothy Schafernocker, better known as "Mommanocker" to veterans and POW/MIA activists alike. For some time she drove on one the ½ scale Vietnam Veterans Memorial Walls around the country. For years she's also been very involved in many veterans activities, particularly those involving the Seawolves.

Momma's son, Michael, was a Navy Seawolf serving with HAL3 and whose Huey helicopter was shot down along with one other Huey involved in this mission in Cambodia on 28 April 1969. One of the Crewmen from Mike's aircraft and the crew of the lead aircraft were rescued. Before the end of the war, US teams got into the crashsite and recovered partial remains of 2 crewmen on board leaving only the Aircraft Commander, LT JG Richard J. "Dick" Reardon, missing and unaccounted for. For a thorough look at this case and the wonderful part Mommanocker played years after the loss in not only finding the crashsite again, but the recovery and identification of Dick's remains along with more of her son's, please go to Dick's bio located on TFO's website at It's a remarkable story in and of itself.

Mommanocker's always been there for us. It's time we helped return the favor. If nothing else, please help spread the word.
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