Update on the Homemade RV idea...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by glocknut, Sep 22, 2009.

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    Dec 14, 2003
    I checked with the State. YES! It takes a little longer to get a title but it has been done.

    RV Park YES again! Infact when i was there today i got to see one. Absolutely beautiful RV. It was obvious that it was homemade because it looked to darn nice! The guy suggested lightweing metal "framing" instead of wood to cut down on weight. Wood floors and everything. The park owner was OK with Homemade RVs. :) The park had several. One guy built an RV that looked like an airstream RV but it was entirely homemade. Most of their residents are loooong term residents. One guy has been there 17 years and counting. Old hermits just like me.... :rolleyes:

    The downside... The guy that owns the storage unit that i thought might let me rent a unit and build it there.... nope. He is not insured for that kind of thing. He said if i were only working on it an hour here and an hour there it might be ok... but that won't work. I need to find a place where i can build and assemble it.

    But i'm still fired up about it. I went and looked at some more used RVs today also. And that only made me more convinced to build my own. The RV lot tried to tell me that their RVs don't leak.... and i said to the guy...how come the bed is soaking wet? He about went bonkers when he felt the bed and it was soaking wet. Nope... i'll pass on that!!!!!!!

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