Update: Re Bob's Gun Shop, Royal, Arkansas

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    Several months ago, I ordered a front sight for a .22 rifle from Bob's Gun Shop, Royal, Arkansas. They charged my credit card but would not/could not ship the merchandise. Nor would they refund my money.

    After many communications with them, I gave up and complained to the Criminal Investigations Division of the local Sheriff's Department (Terry Shelby, Garland County Sheriff's Department) who investigated and spoke with "Bob's". Not a big amount or a big deal, but he was on it in a flash. Kudos to the LEO!

    Today, I received a refund check in the mail.

    My question: What are the odds that the check bounces???

    Seriously, guys, when you get "stiffed", then COMPLAIN to the law enforcement authorities in the locale of the "stiffor". LE doesn't know anything bad is going on if you don't tell them!

    Also, anyone thinking of dealing with Bob's Gun Shop in Royal, Arkansas, is now on notice about what they can expect. Please govern yourselves accordingly...

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