Urriola Sarasqueta SxS shotgun

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    Jan 1, 2011
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    I jusst picked up what I believe is a J.M. Urriola Sarasqueta 12 gauge side by side with a collection I bought. I can't find any info except that Hemingway was given one from the owner of the company. It has "parsa" on the right barrel and Madrid on the left. In the break it has 1270 in a diamond under the breech of both barrels. It is a very fancy gun with nice checkering and engraving. It has a White line recoil pad that is fitted very nicely to the gun, but I can't imagine it is original. What the hell do I have here guys? What would I value it at, I can't see any wear, and would rate it at 95-98%? I can send pictures if any one wants me to send them. thanks, Scott
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    Feb 18, 2007
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    Sarasqueta seems to be a fairly common name; at least in Eibar Spain. I found reference to a Felix, J.J. and a Victor Sarasqueta, all of whom made shotguns. Nothing about your maker, however. If Hemingway owned a Sarasqueta, you have to wonder "which one?"