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The number on the trigger guard is the serial number. There should be a matching number on the frame under the left grip that may or may not have a letter prefix. No letter prefix would date to 1910 (first year of production) an "A" prefix would date to 1917

The U.S. Revolver Co. line of revolvers were made by Iver Johnson Arms & Cycle Works as a way to use up surplus parts from the discontinued 2nd Model Safety Automatic after the 3rd Model was introduced in 1909. The U.S. line was meant for use with ammunition loaded with black powder.

The major difference between the U.S. Revolver Co and 2nd Model is the U.S. lacks the "Hammer the Hammer" transfer bar safety system so it uses a different hammer and lifter. Pretty much all the other parts are interchangeable.

On Numrich's site you can use this diagram for the 2nd Model (they call it the "Old Model") Iver Johnson Old Model Safety Hammer Auto Revolver Parts | Gun Parts Corp.
And their parts list for the U.S. Revolver Co. top breaks is here: Iver Johnson U.S. Revolver Top Break Parts for Sale | Numrich
If you're looking for parts elsewhere, your revolver is also referred to as a "small frame".
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