US Taxpaying Citizens Sold Down River By Our Politicians

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    Immigration Deal Would Grant Amnesty to Parents, Spouses and Children

    Kennedy Wins Major Concessions From Republicans
    By Bluey

    Senate Democrats and Republicans are working feverishly with the White House to put the finishing touches on an immigration proposal that could be announced later today or tomorrow. The deal would give illegal aliens living in the United States amnesty, according to confidential sources. It would also allow illegal aliens to bring their parents, spouses and children into the United States.

    Multiple sources on Capitol Hill with knowledge of the proposal said Sen. Teddy Kennedy (D.-Mass.) has been able to extract significant concessions from Republicans. The critical part of the deal is a lengthy section that spells out the provisions related to “Z” visas -- or what my sources described as the “Amnesty Title” of the bill. The “Z” visas would be broken down into three categories as follows:

    Z-1 -- Illegal alien present and working in the United States up to January 1, 2007
    Z-2 -- Parents and spouses of illegal aliens qualifying under the Z-1 category
    Z-3 -- Children of illegal aliens qualifying under the Z-1 category

    Read on ...

    One section of the proposal grants these “Z” non-immigrants four-year visas for an indefinite period of time. These visas would be given to people not currently in the United States if they are related to a current illegal worker.

    Sources indicate that these aliens, along with their dependents, would be allowed to legally remain in the United States under certain conditions for an indefinite period of time, even if they chose not to pursue the so called “pathway to citizenship.”

    The burden of proof would be low for illegal aliens to prove that they were continually illegally present in United States. This provision would reward the illegal alien for proving continual illegal presence and illegal employment in the United States with a “Z” visa. This provision in the Kennedy deal, approved by some Republicans, is clearly amnesty under any definition, according to immigration experts whom I consulted.

    The proposal would require illegal immigrants to pay a fine to apply for the “Z” visa, but despite that penalty, conservatives are likely to characterize this deal as a major sell out to Kennedy and his pro-amnesty allies.
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    I will not say here what I think of this. I don't want to get banned from this forum.


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    It's time to start e-mailing your U.S. Congress member and Senators.

    Here are links to find their e-mail.

    I remember last year when they started talking about amnesty last year they were initialy talking about 11 million. Then it crept up to 12 million. Then other sources were saying when you include family members the true number might be 30 million!

    E-mailing your representatives and senators does make a difference.
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    And this surprises.........WHO? :mad:
  5. HiSpeed

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    We need to get the emails rolling because our washington clowns have been working on this bill in the back rooms all week. Anytime they keep a bill in the backrooms and bring it out during the middle of the niight or limit debate on it means a negative impact on the average tax paying citizen. BE PREPARED BREAK OUT THE KY JELLY! :mad: :mad: :mad:
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    Emails are good, but they will pay attention mostly to the phone call numbers. It is imperitive that you PHONE your Senator's offices between now and Monday in huge numbers.

    NumbersUSA had a comment today that several offices in Washington had advised their representative making the rounds that the numbers of calls seems so much less than last year, when a similar bill was defeated, that their bosses felt the public must no longer object !!!!! :( :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

    We need to ring the phones off the wall between now and the vote......
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    Mar 4, 2007
    Treason (noun): business as usual on Capitol Hill.

    We can't have The Ten Commandments on government buildings - 'Thou shalt not lie', 'Thou shalt not steal', and 'Thou shalt not commit adultery' carved in stone creates a hostile work environment for politicians.
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