Using .44 Special in .44 Mag Revolver

Discussion in 'Technical Questions & Information' started by CountryGunsmith, Feb 23, 2003.

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    I was at a gun shop today, looked at a .44 mag - young kid behind the counter told me he thought it was safe to shoot .44 special ammo through it. Is this right?

    Since the special and magnum have different case lenghts, I think he is wrong.


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    Re: .44 mag

    It is perfectly safe to use .44 Special rounds in a
    .44Mag firearm, the only difference is in the length
    of the cartridge however, if you do use the .44
    special first you will then need to clean the gun
    and especially the chamber BEFORE you intend
    to use ANY .44-Mag ammo, because being that
    the two cartridges are different in length if you
    put the longer .44-Mag in after you have used
    the .44-Special you will have added pressure in
    the chamber due to lead/powder build up and
    this can cause too much pressure in the chamber
    causing the chamber to crack/explode.
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    A .44 Special is only about 1/8 or 3/16" shorter than the full rem mag brass, it is the same bullet .429 slug so there is no harm or danger in shooting the round. a little less recoil maybe.

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    I have been doing it for years, its just like shooting 38 Specials in a 357 Magnum.

    Its no problem, very low recoil when compared to 44 mag rounds.

    Also a very good SD round without the over-penetraition problem of the 44 magnum.
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