Using L1A1 Parts on IMBEL Receiver

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    Someone who has built several FAL/L1A1 rifles has told me that inch L1A1 parts can be used to build around an Imbel receiver with no problems. I'm wondering what L1A1 parts can be used with an Imbel receiver. Can the bolt carrier, trigger group and such from an inch pattern rifle be used in a metric receiver (upper and lower)?

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    Yes and no. You can use most of the inch parts on a metric reciever, but some modifications are needed. Check out the FN/FAL Files for details. I think you will give up the idea after you find out what you will need to do. I used an Imbel receiver with an excelent STG58 kit. Great gun and no problems. I think there are still a lot of good STG58 kits left. You may want to use one of those if you already have the reveiver. If your still looking for a receiver I know some inch patern receivers are available.

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    your better off saving that L1A1 kit for an inch project someday and buying a Impel kit You just booked up your free time for a while.Or better yet buy a inch rifle and you already have the spare parts.
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