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The explosive force, hottness, whatever in primers
is called Brisance.

How hard they are to set off is called something else---
can't recall at the moment, but it's tested by dropping a steel
ball from various heights to set them off.

Now that you have your daily trivia---yes you can use
small rifle in pistol ammo. (NOT large-- large rifle primers are taller
than large pistol)

However--drop your charge a bit (maybe 5%) just to be
safe. Chrono your loads if you have a chronograph.

Rifle primers are harder. Be prepared for light strikes,
especially if your gun has had any action work.

With light loads watch out for hot gas leakage around the
primer which can lead to breechface erosion. Because the
primer cup is harder, it may not seal in the primer pocket 100%.

IPSC shooters have been using small rifle in 9mm Major and hot
loaded 38 super for a LONG time without problems.
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Not open for further replies.