Utah Congressman steps up

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    Oversight on a .gov agency? What a novel thought.

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    Apr 21, 2009
    Good post, my point exactly.

    Whether it's accurate or not, Hardy says there is a perception out there that the new administration wants to tighten gun controls, and the four days in March only exacerbated the perception.

    Chaffetz describes what happened last month as a form of back-door gun control. "They were trying to drive up the price of ammunition, thinking there would be less ammunition sold," he said.

    If they can't get us on the 2nd ammendment they will try to get us on ammo.

    Try to buy 9mm. If you can find it's 3x what it was a year ago. With everything going on with the economy right now, why this big push to screw us over on firearms and ammo?
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