UZI Carbine

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    I got a line on an UZI 9mm (With 40cal barrel also) 2 clips and a collapsible stock. Pretty nice condition (is that an NRA grade?) Any Idea as to what it is worth? Thanks.

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    Re: UZI

    Are you sure it isn't in the 40-A&E(Action Express)caliber?

    Also, what does the writing say on each side of the receiver?

    Got any pictures? If so, if you could post'em that would help
    a great deal, or as much additional info you can provide.

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    You are right it is a 9mm and 41AE I believe. one barrel was stamped 466 the other had no marks. One 20 rd mag 41ae one 25rd 9mm. It has the original plastic case and the sling and dummy short barrel. One side is marked Action Arms Ltd
    Phila. PA
    SA **466
    the other side is stamped

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    in my neck of the woods a 9mmpre-ban uzi ,98% in box with presentation barrel ,goes for 1200.00 and up ,add another 350.00 to 500.00 for the .41 conversion kit,

    i don't know the book price

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    The other side is stamped UZI semi Auto ,Model B ,IMI Iseral. I don't know what happened to the other post. We may have to Auction that sucker. Thanks for your info.

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    Re: UZI
    Yep, as GP said, between $1,200-$1,500 just for the 9mm
    carbine, and the B model had the adjustable rear sights, the
    A model didn't.

    As for the 41 A&E, if you have the full conversion kit for
    it, then I'd say probably at least another $250.00. If you
    only have the barrel, then you may get $40-$50.00 for it.

    Of course, keep in mind that these estimates are retail/auction
    estimates, a dealer would pay you less, as they/we need to
    make a living also.

    But you should do well at auctions or gun shows depending upon condition etc.,
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