Value of 1911 and 22 conversion unit

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    I'm trying to help a friend determine the value of a 1911 pistol he has inherited. It is a commercial Colt Government Model S/N 241XXXC, which I believe dates it to 1950. The box is missing but he does have the instruction sheet that came with it. The blueing has a few minor scratches with the exception of the bottom of the dust cover and trigger guard, which have significant wear. The overall condition is very good and the bore is good. It looks like it was actually shot very little.

    He also has a 22 conversion unit with it that seems to be of the same vintage. The box and instruction sheet is with it. The revision numbers on the bottom of the sheet ends with 10-50 making me believe that the conversion unit was either bought with the pistol or near the same time. The bluing is good except for minor wear on the bottom of the slide where it would slide on the frame. The bore is good. The recoil spring for the unit is missing but all of the other parts are there.

    The box that all of this is in also has 2 boxes of Western 45ACP ammo and a spare magazine. I've never paid much attention to ammo boxes but know that they likely are from about the same time as the pistol.

    Would the fact that the pistol and conversion unit appear to be of the same age add any value?

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    Minn-eeee-sota, ya, sure, you bet!
    Yup........that serial # was made in 1950.

    Blue Book says:

    Model M1911A1 1946-1970 Colt Commercial (1950-70 Manufacture):

    98% - $1,175
    95% - $900
    90% - $745
    80% - $675

    If the conversion unit is a COLT .45ACP to .22LR, the Blue Book value is:

    98% - $550
    95% - $495
    90% - $350
    80% - $275

    The lack of a recoil spring decreases the value of your conversion unit, but you can get a replacement spring from Numrich/GunPartsCorp for $9.05 (see item # 40): 22 CONVERSION

    I doubt if the gun and conversion unit being from the same time period adds any particular value.

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