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I recently bought an A.H. Fox double barrel 20 gauge. I was hoping to get a "rough" estimate of the worth.
It has Krupp Fluid Steel Made By
A H. Fox Gun Co. Phila. PA on the barrels.
Each side under the barrels has the logo Ansley H. Fox
The serial # is 201124 (so I think it was made around 1918
Under barrels when disassembled it has
Aug. 18 -1904
May 11- 1909
May 2 - 1911
Under one barrel it looks like it has a "B" on the barrel underneath
and a "4" on one barrel further down.
It has scroll design and has a couple of Quail with a Mtn background in front of the trigger guard.
I don't know what choke it is. I am assuming one barrel is Modified and one is Full.
The wood is in ok shape considering it is so old.
Hi and welcome to TFF!!
We can help you here just post some pics. so we can see what condition your gun is.
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