value of a voere 22lr

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    Oct 1, 2010
    i just bought an old (to me) voere .22 caliber bolt actionw/clip. it has a sears 4x scope.blued everything. markings on the barrel are: VOERE GmoH. Vonrenoach/Germany. then by the rear site: Cal.22Lr 295078 . then a almost circular stamping with what looks like an upside down 1 and then a 65 and another marking looks like brass knuckles.that is the end of the barrel. on the reciever(?) there is the circular stamp again and the upside down 1.
    stock is medium brown with black plastic butt plate and black plastic oval plate on the bottom.two sling rings. one at the front of the stock, the other one is 3 inches from the butt plate. clip holds 5?
    very simplistic bolt bolt opener handle on right side. safety lever on right side at the back of the receiver. barrel length from front of stock to end of barrel is just a hair over 12 1/4 inches.
    compared to my winchester model 67 bolt action, this voere seems like a smaller,lighter,thinner rifle.where can i get parts or operators manual?what is this worth? if this is not enough information please lmk.
    hope you can help?
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