Value on a Remington Mod 37 that belonged to Mike Walker

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  1. butch lambert

    butch lambert New Member

    Oct 18, 2003
    Poetry, Tex
    Purchased this and another Mike Walker rifle about 1 1/2 years ago.
    Mike had access to the manager's woodpile and could pick nice wood. He also had it made with a non stock short barrel. It has an 8 power Lyman target spot on it. They other one that I have is a Mod 722 in 257 roberts with a Lyman Alaskan scope. He said it was his favorite deer rifle.
  2. 300 H&H

    300 H&H Active Member

    Apr 1, 2007
    Nice rifle, neat story...

    do you have anything that ties it to Mike Walker directly? Bill of sale perhaps with the serial number on it? In this world today one needs to establish these things, for full value. My guess is that is worth perhaps 2-3X book value with the propper proof. BTW I know he was an early advocate of shorter stiffer barrels.

    Regards, Kirk

  3. Bindernut

    Bindernut Well-Known Member

    Oct 24, 2007
    ND, USA
    Merle "Mike" Walker is the guy who designed the 700-series (721/722/725/700/40X/etc) action for Remington and he's commonly called the Father of the 700.
    He's also credited with the .222Rem cartridge plus several other popular or once-popular benchrest cartridges like the 6x47 (the .222Mag necked up to 6mm) and the 6-250Walker. He was an avid benchrest competitor and most of his doing revolved around that sport...but was useful for all riflemen.

    I think he's right up there with John Browning when it comes to influential contributions to shooting sports.
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