Vang Comp Shotgun Modifications

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    Is anyone familiar with the Vang Comp System shotgun mods? I am thinking of having this done on a Beretta 1201fp. They claim using Federal 00 Buck Tactical Loads with their mods will usually place all nine pellets into a 2.5 inch diameter group at 7 yards. At 15 yards, all nine pellets will most often impact within a 6.5-inch diameter circle. At 25 yards, the pattern usually opens up to only a 7.5-inch diameter circle containing all nine pellets.

    The gun is mostly going to be for home defense. Living in a duplex and also having a family in the home I'd like to know where each pellet is going to end up. If anyone has any thoughts it would be appreciated. I'm trying to justify spending $510 for the system.


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    Re: Vang Comp System for shotguns.
    Vang has a really good name on choking and porting defensive/LE shotguns. Top choice, but you get to pay for the name too.

    If I were shooting shotguns competitively or using one professionally (as in tactical entry stuff) I would certainly consider Vang. For civilian home-defense use I think you can get your desired results without spending THAT much money.

    Pattern your gun as-is at the maximum distance you are liable to encounter in your home (usually feet, not yards). I bet you find even a cylinder bore shotgun will have all the pellets in a small enough pattern. Then make your decision.