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agent mango
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(8/6/01 9:00:44 pm)
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I have some questions, please answer them.

1) Where does the term "1911" come from? I know it is used to describe usually a .45 caliber pistol similar to the pistol that was previously used by the US army?

2) What kills, momentum or energy?
a) When momentum is great you feel it in the recoil. It is given by (mass)(velocity). A .45 has a fair amount of momentum.
b) Energy, which is dependent on velocity, is the ability to do work (in this case, rip stuff up). Energy is given by 0.5(mass)(velocity)^2. A .357 magnum has a fair amount of energy.

If course, you can always digress by saying that momentum is conserved better than energy over long range because bullets steadily lose velocity due to air resistance.

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(8/6/01 9:32:06 pm)
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I would assume 1911 refers to the issue or start date, even though the design was before. Mass and energy x pie-r-square, means very little in balistic energy and it comes down to delivered energy. Big and slow, whether it is the .45 or the 45/70. People have been sold on high velocity, maybe great at distance but has yet to be really proven at short ranges, unless you use some fancy type of hollow point to make it something it`s not; thats how they make bullets look great....expanding to say .45 or 50 cal to delivery it`s energy.....ever wonder why these old rounds are still around.....proven, that says it all. Kinda like being hit by a marble vs a golfball at the same speed.JMHO By the way...WELCOME!!! Hope to see ya round more. Regards LTS
"am not" R2

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(8/7/01 8:20:15 am)
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1911 refers to the date the Army adopted the pistol as it's standard sidearm.

Usually, a date in the designator of a military arm is the year it was accepted for service. M1903 Springfield, Mauser '98, Colt and Smith & Wesson M1917, P-08, ect.

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(6/8/02 6:11:02 pm)
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Energy and momentum etc. are not reliable indicators of either killing or stopping power. It is much more complicated. Killing or stopping occurs when you destroy enough of the right essential tissues and the brain finds out about it.

The high velocity small caliber hollow points destroy tissue when they expand but if the hollow point plugs up or otherwise fails to expand they just drill through without doing as much damage as they could. A larger caliber makes a larger hole whether or not it expands. In the same caliber and bullet design more weight gives more penetration. In non-expanding bullets a flat point will do more damage than a round point which can slide through tissue with less tearing. The flat point pushes tissue out in front of it and sends "shock waves" radially out from the bullets path causing more damage.

All of these factors and more affect perfomance which is why tests are done with actual ammo measuring temporary and permanant wound channels as well as penetration.

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