Velocity of 22 mag in 10 inch barrel?

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    Reply Velocity of 22 mag in 10 inch barrel?
    I have a Savage Striker Sport in 22 mag with a 10 inch barrel. Does anyone have any idea of what average velocity I can expect to to get out of a 10 inch barrel? I do not have access to a chronograph so I do not know what to expect. Jim

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    Reply Velocity of 22mag in 10 inch barrel
    Can't give you exact data but Gun Digest shows
    1480 FPS for 40 Gr Jacketed hollow pt out of a 6 inch barrel, 1910 out of a 22.5 inch barrel. Interplelation yields an extimated 1584 from a 10 inch barrel.
    Not exact but I bet this is close.

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    Reply Re: Velocity of 22mag in 10 inch barrel
    Thanks Bill, For taking the time to figure that out. I got rid of the savage and bought a Henry 22 Mag after Christmas. I was given money and told to buy a rifle with it. Fine and dandy but to buy a mag cost more than the standard 22 lr so I traded My Savage in on it as I was not satisfied with the crappy trigger on it anyway. Thanks again anyway for your time and effort. Jim
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