Veterans Day Parade

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    Veterans day is on Sunday, but the actually holiday is on Monday, and for some reason they decided to have the parade today at noon rather than on Monday. Every veteran’s day I try to get off work, and go to the parade to honor our veterans. I was stuck at work today, but I decided to cut out for lunch a few minutes early, and headed downtown for the parade.

    It was a sad state of affairs. Only a handful of people turned out to watch the parade, but we all clapped and cheered for our veterans. Perhaps there were more people watching on a different street. Members of Lima Co., 3rd Battalion, were there. They are the ones that lost 9 guys in Iraq in 2005, when their convoy hit an IED. They lost a great deal more in the battle for Fallujah.

    After what these guys have done for us, you would think that more people would have shown up to honor them.

    Sunday I will head up north to make sure that my dad’s marker has a flag.

    I would like to thank all our veterans for their service. I greatly appreciate your sacrifice to my country and me.
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    I'll be attend the Remembrance Day ceremony in the morning here (sat here now)

    these from yesterdays ceremonies and news papers around the place





    and where i'm off to for a couple hours later on

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