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    There seems to be a whole lot of info at this site that may interest everyone.

    Vets With A Mission is doing something constructive to help a people with whom we
    have shared so much suffering in
    common. Learn more about what we
    do in Vietnam and what motivates
    us as a veterans group to help the
    people of Vietnam, Cambodia and
    Laos.We offer a History link,
    extensive Photos of this beautiful
    country both past and present.
    We've added a Current Events link
    and a link on the Ethnic People of
    Vietnam, plus much more. Please
    sign our Guest Book and let us
    know when you were in country and
    who you served with. If you're a
    non-veteran or student and useing
    this page for reference work
    please let us know if our
    information helped you. Thanks
    for stopping by and giving us a
    chance to show you the beauty and
    the needs of this fascinating
    country called Vietnam. God Bless
    you and come back often.

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    Good site Ron...if someone can find sites it is you bud.Another good job.

    This site might be very interesting to those that served in I Corps.

    Hey Mike H!...might want to take at this site bud...Mith too along with Hawk.Ya'll were up that way.
    ...and two hard boiled eggs.