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    This is a statement written by my wife and myself for a close friend that had his whole family murdered in Phoenix a couple of years ago. This is going to be read in court in the next couple of days. Here is a link to his story, what a damn shame.

    What a shame this story is! The real shame of it all, is that there was a firearm outside in the car.

    So what is the moral of the story? You can't have a peronal protection device close enough.

    January 15 2006

    My Name is Michael Reid Ford, Son of Joyce, brother of Terry and Tami and Mark, and Uncle of Austin my 3 year old Nephew who are all dead. As I see it the rules of the universe are turned upside down.

    I want to know the sequence of events that took place on December 10, 2002 at 8:15 am and I want nothing less than the death penalty.

    These murders were so inhumane and horrendous that it would take volumes for me to describe the pain from this atrocity against the most loving and compassionate family I had.

    I haven’t’ been able to work consistently because my mind is constantly reviewing the anguish of losing my entire family of origin.

    The crime scene is always in my minds eye, my brother Marks’ brains are right where I saw them on the floor and I held them in my hands.

    The carpet was cut up where my sisters Terry and Tami, mother Joyce and 3 year old nephew Austin were shot repeatedly and then all in the head.

    I replay in my head imagining the sequence of events.

    When Mom went to the coroner all she had on was her bra and panties. I visualize Mom ripping of her clothes to help her babies.

    Terry my younger sister, who I was especially close to, was in flight when she was shot. I can imagine that she was trying to get her gun. There had been a long custody battle between Tami my sister and Kemp and Terry had helped Tami with thousands and thousands of dollars and Tami had had a few restraining orders against Kemp Horton, and Terry carried a gun to protect herself, only this time she couldn’t ward off their monstrous killer.

    I can see my brother Mark taking multiple gun shot wounds. My knowing that he was able to get one punch in on Kemp, even while he was dying, makes me see Mark as a Hero.

    I haven’t gotten good nights sleep without self medicating with alcohol, the depression has brought on despair.

    I scream and cry in mixed emotions and can’t understand the genocide of my entire family or origin. Everyday.

    Counselors, Doctors and two treatment centers I’ve attended to find relief in the last three years all say that there is no book written on how to grieve my loss. I can’t shut off the tapes in my mind of the crime scene. I look at pictures of Happy memories that are lost and blurred by the tears in my eyes.

    Everywhere I carry a folder of articles and a picture of the funeral memorial for all five of my loved ones now dead, to talk to people and try and make some sense of why I wasn’t killed if I had been there that morning to protect my family from this multiple murderer who became the murderer of “my” own soul in some way.

    I can rationalize some justice in the death Penalty for One murder- a life for a life.

    To me there is only a smidgen of justice, yet justice still, to be found in a swift death penalty so that Kemp won’t be able to have the remembrance of my beautiful family to console him if he were sentenced to 5 lifetimes; he would still have a life where Tami, Terry, Joyce, Mark and Austin don’t.

    To me justice may be found in 5 death penalties; and can 5 more death penalties be added to him for the few of us who remain in this darkness.
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    Damn. I am sorry to hear about this kind of thing. I live in Phoenix and it is getting bad. The influx of illegals has made life difficult. I am not saying that illegals are running around killing innocent people but many are commiting crimes.

    I carry a gun all the time, everywhere I go. I wish I didn't have to do that but that's the way it is.....

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    Hopefully with the Gov calling the Gaurd and putting them on the border things will get better.

    Our Gov here in NM put them there with outstanding effect, but they went home. So now it is an open border again, I don't get it. It says in the Constitution that the militarys main purpose is to gaurd the border. Does it not?
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