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  1. jim b

    jim b New Member

    Oct 28, 2009
    A friend of mine ask me to look into a gun his father brought back with him from Germany after the war.
    This gun is a 4 barrel
    The top barrel is a 5.4 mm
    The bottom is a 7.8 mm
    and has sxs 16 ga.
    The name on the side of the barrels is (KRUPP-LAUFSTAHL)
    After some research, I had found the KRUPP family history in the steel mills one of the largest, then I found out the LAUFSTAHL is the type of steel used to make the barrels ( fluid steel) I did find the name SUHL stamped in the gun, my research tells me this is a town in Germany that produced this gun, (is this true) I also found that SUHL mean SAUER, I have found JP sauer guns but nothing in a 4 barrel
    the ser # on this gun is 17758
    I have found many 3 barrel gun by KRIEGHOFF & SEMPERT (Neptune) but I have not been able to locate a 4 barrel I believe the 3 barrel is a (drilling)
    Can anyone help with info in the gun please
    thank you for your time
  2. jondar

    jondar New Member

    Mar 2, 2009
    Jim, are you saying that the small rifle barrel is above the 16 gauge SXS? My chart from the NRA of multi-barrel guns shows both rifle barrels below the shotgun barrels, and does identify it as a Vierling. I guess it would have been possible to arrange the barrels as you describe. Just curious.

  3. muddober

    muddober Active Member

    Sep 19, 2008
    Carson City Nevada
    jim b, I have seen vierlings like the one you are describing with the shotgun barrels in between the rifle barrels and I have seen them the way jondar has described. All of the guns I have seen are of very high quality as I am sure your friends gun is as well.

    You are correct that a 3 barreled gun is called a drilling which comes from the German word for 3 being drie and vierling from vier for 4.

    I know that isn't much but it is all I have got.

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