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    VietNam Stats
    Been doing a lot of searching here and there in my spare time and thought I would begin posting some interesting stats regarding this conflict ....

    Hostile deaths: 47,378
    Non-hostile deaths: 10,800
    Total: 58,202 (Includes men formerly classified as MIA and Mayaguez casualties). Men who have subsequently died of wounds account for the changing total.
    8 nurses died -- 1 was KIA.
    Married men killed: 17,539
    61% of the men killed were 21 or younger.
    Highest state death rate: West Virginia - 84.1% (national average 58.9% for every 100,000 males in 1970).
    Wounded: 303,704 -- 153,329 hospitalized + 150,375 injured requiring no hospital care.
    Severely disabled: 75,000 -- 23,214 - 100% disabled; 5,283 lost limbs; 1,081 sustained multiple amputations.
    Amputation or crippling wounds to the lower extremities were 300% higher than in WWII and 70% higher than Korea. Multiple amputations occurred at the rate of 18.4% compared to 5.7% in WWII.
    Missing in Action: 2,338
    POWs: 766 (114 died in captivity)

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    Re: VietNam Stats

    Those stats are so heart wrenching. I can't describe how I felt while reading them.


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    Re: VietNam Stats
    Know what ya mean cricket .....

    They had an interesting section on "Women KIAs" in Vietnam but for some reason the page would not allow a right click for a copy and paste.

    I thought it to be very informative and credit given to those that gave the ultimate that one does not hear much about.

    Have a great day!


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    Re: VietNam Stats
    So sad to see those stats.

    Sadder even to realize that so many who died were such young men who had yet to even experience life. War is not something one should ever go into lightly I think we all agree.

    Still think the damn politicians should fight it out amongst themselves instead of dragging men and women who are little better than children into doing the fighting for them.

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    Re: VietNam Stats
    Stats are sad, faces are sadder.

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    Re: VietNam Stats
    Men grow tired of sleeping and singing and dancing and making love, sooner than of war----vice stirs up war; virtue fights. It is well war is so terrible---we would grow too fond of it. Men, from the time of Homer until Robert E. Lee and even there are those today, who utter profound and horrifying things on the subject of war. Wars will exist until that distant day, when the conscientious objector enjoys the same reputation and prestige, that the warriors do. Wilborn